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What the Woodstock Conservation Commission Does 

The Woodstock Conservation Commission was created by town ordinance "...for the purpose of the development, conservation, supervision, and regulation of natural resources, including water resources, within the town of Woodstock." The Conservation Commission is charged with maintaining an inventory of natural resources; monitoring conservation easements held by the town; formulating watershed and drought management plans; making recommendations to other municipal agencies on proposed land use and other plans for the prioritization, conservation and protection of open space, greenways and other natural resources; and supervising, as well as managing, municipally-owned open space such as forest land. The Conservation Commission seeks to cooperate with other town organizations, residents and interested parties on town planning and our efforts to maintain and enhance the character of Woodstock . Our subcommittees and projects include the following:

Development Review Committee (usually meets monthly)

bullet Review subdivision plans submitted to the P&Z for compatibility with A Plan of Open Space and Conservation
bullet Update subdivision compatibility checklist form
bullet Representative available for PZC meetings

Open Space Review (meets when need arises)

bullet Make recommendations on use of town owned properties and open space
bullet Develop requirements for managing conservation easements
bullet Provide input on build-out analysis
bullet Forestry: Oversee implementation of stewardship plans for town owned forestlands
Review other town owned property for suitability for forest stewardship program

Greenways Planning ( ongoing project)

bullet Study town for potential greenway locations
bullet Make recommendations to town Agencies, Boards and Commissions regarding greenway planning
bullet Seek grant funding for greenway initiatives
bullet Communicate with local landowners through workshops or other means
bullet Communicate with regional and state organizations for "big picture" planning
bullet Make certain town Plan of Conservation and Development includes greenways goals

Mapping (ongoing project)

bullet Maintain and update GIS data for Natural and Cultural Resources inventory
bullet Maintain an index of open space, both public and privately owned
bullet Provide information to other town Agencies, Boards and Commissions when requested
bullet Prepare maps for public display and for posting on our website
bullet Prepare and publicize open space priorities for town

Public Outreach

bullet Maintain website (update, post "news," develop new pages etc.)
bullet Invite relevant experts to present workshops and organize
bullet Prepare and issue releases about activities
bullet Prepare articles for local press on conservation issues of interest
bullet Prepare brochures on projects/activities
bullet Prepare displays for Celebrating Ag, etc.
bullet Prepare annual report

Open Space Land Acquisition Commission (OSLAC) Representative

bullet Attend OSLAC monthly meeting
bullet Coordinate efforts between commissions
bullet Report on OSLAC activities at Conservation meetings
bullet Planning and Zoning Regulation Review Representatives
bullet Take part in P&Z regulation review committee to incorporate Conservation Commission recommendations
bullet Provide input to ensure that conservation goals in APOSC are considered when regulations are being modified/adopted


bullet Other working groups may be formed to address issues or short term projects such as light pollution
bullet Developing language for conservation easements and monitoring of compliance
bullet Water quality monitoring (e.g., Rapid Bioassessment for Volunteers)

If you are interested in joining the Woodstock Conservation Commission and are a registered voter in Woodstock, stop by the Woodstock Town Hall and ask for a simple application form, or contact the Conservation Commission att WCC.Woodstock.CT@gmail.com. Please provide your name, e-mail/telephone/mailing address if you would like a response.

You can also contact us via snail-mail, at: Conservation Commission, Town of Woodstock CT 415 Route 169 Woodstock, CT 06281-3039.

If you are interested in any of our projects and just want to help out, visit us during a regular monthly meeting in Room C of the Woodstock Town Hall on the fourth Monday of each month to find out more.

You can also check out our more of our award winning website. The website covers a variety of conservation-related topics, including open space; forestry, saving family lands, birding in the Quiet Corner, enhancing your backyard for wildlife, scenic roads, Do's and Don'ts for underground tanks, septic systems and watersheds, recycling, water conservation, news, and where to get more information. Resource maps developed using the Geographic Information System (GIS) are also available online.

Click here for information about how to contact us.

Prepared 11/02/04, JHP

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