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Disclaimer: These maps are intended for planning purposes only, and contain no authoritative positional information. Maps on this website are for information only and may not be suitable or accurate enough for site planning or other legal purposes. Maps prepared by the Town of Woodstock Conservation Commission continue to be validated and updated.  If you have corrections, please contact Jean Pillo.

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Location of Woodstock. Committed Open Space Cultural Composite Land Use Land Cover

Location of Woodstock

Location relative to surrounding towns and State of CT.

Committed Open Space (10/03)

Permanently protected parcels and conservation easements, donated/sold development rights, state forests.

Cultural Composite

Committed open space, public boat launches, public drinking water surface intakes, scenic roads, historic district, streams and waterbodies, and outlines of tax parcels. 11/24/03.

Land Use Land Cover (Map 7)

Based on satellite imagery

Open Space Priorities - Forested Land

Open Space Priorities - Potential Wildlife Corridors

Open Space Priorities - Agricultural

Land in Ag Use

Open space priorities: Forested Land Open space priorities: Potential Wildlife Corridors

Open Space Priorities - Agricultural

Includes areas with important ag soil in active ag use.

Land in Agricultural Use

Active farmland. Based on satellite data.

Open Space Priorities - Aquifer Protection Important Farm Soils Productive Forest Soils Scenic Roads

Open Space Priorities - Aquifer Protection

Important Farm Soil (Map 18)

Prime farmland soils and soils of statewide importance (per USDA). Shows farms in Purchase of Development RIghts (PDR) program as of 2002..

Productive Forest Soils

Soils with high carrying capacity for wildlife and ability to grow high quality timber at a competitve rate.

Scenic Roads

National Scenic Byway (Rte. 198) and roads locally designated as scenic. Bradford Corner to be added.

Historic Properties Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Drainage Basins Surface Water

Historic Properties (Map 2)

Historic district, local and national register sites, PLUS homes shown on 1883 town map. Data is under review.

Inland Wetlands and Watercourses (Map 13)

Wetlands (by description - e.g., soil type), watercourses and waterbodies.

Drainage Basins (Map 12)

Town divided into drainage basins, labelled by water body they drain into. Shows watercourses.

Surface Water (Map 11)

Rivers, streams, lakes, marshes and swamps (including identified Atlantic White Cedar) and general location of species noted in CT DEP Natural Diversity Database.

Water Quality Groundwater Resources flood map woodstock  

Water Quality - Surface and Groundwater

Water quality classifications based on DEP data. Shows existing and potential drinking water supplies

Groundwater Resources (Map 10)

Potential high yield aquifer boundaries, based on significant sand and gravel deposits and information from CT DEP. Priority 1 and 2 recharge boundaries based on CT DEP data. Lines are approximate.

Hazard Mitigation Plan Map

Flood analysis prepared by NECCOG, 2011


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